Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Welcome to summer swimming and our first meet. We are fortunate to have been invited to an in-door meet at the University of New Hampshire on June 18th. This is the first of four meets this season before the GSSA state meet, August 4-6th. To qualify for the GSSA meet a swimmer must participate in two of four meets and the team has to attend three of the four. This is a correction of prior information that was published.

The meet will be held at Swansey Pool at 145 Main Street, Durham, NH with warm ups start at 10:30 am with the meet starting at 11 am. It is anticipated that the meet will conclude by 3 pm. The order of events is shown in the attachment. If time permits there will be relay events at the end of the meet. Please review the events list, attached, and let Coach Magg know if you will attend this meet and what events you would like to swim. You may enter three individual events and relays. All entry information is due Coach Magg prior to June 6th. You may contact him at or 603-986-2601 to discuss your events. If possible we will try to have our swimmers swim a fourth event but that will be on a non-award earning, unofficial basis. The fee for this meet is $15 for each swimmer which should be paid prior to the meet. Money/checks may be put in the mailbox on the pool deck or given to a coach.

For this meet, parents and siblings, who are not swimming, are requested to remain off the deck. This is a request from the host team that we need to honor. There may be a need for timers during the meet so it is possible that some parents will be on deck. I’ll let you know just as soon as I can if we are requested to provide officials.

Swimmers, make sure you bring something to eat and drink. Also make sure to bring your suits, goggles, towels and other gear to keep warm between events. Discuss your events with the coaching staff and seek help in the areas you would like to improve upon. Your coaches would like to know how you did at the meet and what you feel you need in the way of additional instruction.

We coaches are here to help you improve and succeed in your chosen sport.


SVST Coaches

Kim Fry

Dick and Eileen Lennon

Bob Magg

Steve Vosburgh

Margi Wright