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We are offering another session of Learn to Swim Classes.  These classes will begin on June 26th and run for 6 weeks (until August 4th).  If you would like to register your child please do so by completing the downloadable form (above) and either dropping it off or mailing it with payment to the address below or you can use our Online Registration Form and Payment Button below.  Classes are first come first serve so please get your registrations in ASAP.

The WMAC is activley seeking additional swim instructors. If you have a love for swimming and work great with children we may have a position for you. Training and certification is available for the right candidate. 

Registration can be done by clicking the link above and downloading the form which can be mailed or emailed to us at info@whitemountainaquatic.com or you can use our Online Registration Form. Classes are first filled with current students and tn registration is open to the public and classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. Families that we are not able to accomodate may want to purchase a Membership to use the pool during our daily "open swim" hours.

Our goal is to develop students of all ages into confident, skilled and lifelong swimmers. Being able to swim well provides a lifetime of safety, health and wellness benefits. We teach skills that can be used and appreciated for a lifetime.

"Children Who Swim Start Smarter" says a new study done by researchers from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research. In an article in Science News the study suggests that children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm. 

June 26 - August 4, 2017 :  6 Classes

Monday             6/26 - 8/1

3:30-4:15pm        Level 1                  Coach Dick

Tuesday             6/27 - 8/2

3:00-3:45pm        Level 1                  Coach Joanna

3:45-4:30pm        Level 4                  Coach Margi & Anna

Wednesday         6/27 - 8/3

3:45-4:30pm        Level 2                  Coach Margi & Anna

4:45-5:30pm        Level 3                  Coach Margi & Anna

 ***Fee is due when you register for each session and is non-refundable once the session begins.***

Total Cost By # of Swimmers per family per session:

$105 each for the 6-week session   1st child
$100 each for the 6-week session  2nd child
  $95 each for the 6-week session  3rd child

Online Registration Form

Which Level is my child in?

Infant/Parent   Water Play 6m-2 yrs old w/parent. Introduction to water
                             play and safety. Supervision for siblings on deck is provided.
                             Not offered this session.

Preschool          Toddler/Parent Ages 2-4. Getting wet with toys and kicking,
                            enter the water by lifting and walking in, blowing bubbles with
                            mouth and nose submerged, front and back floats and glides,
                            passing from instructor to parent. Supervision for siblings on
                            deck is not provided. Not offered this session.

Level 1               Introduction to Water Skills for ages 5+. Child must be
                            able to follow instruction and enter the pool with out their
                            parent. Skills taught: putting face in to the water, blowing
                            bubbles, staying under water, breathing out of the water,
                            kicking, jumping in, floating, pool safety and basic swim
                            technique. Floating barbells and kick boards are used.

Level 2               Fundamental Aquatic Skills for ages 5+. Child can
                            submerge their face and hold their breath for 5 seconds,
                            pick up objects under water at arms length. With support:
                            Be able to do a front float for 5 seconds and stand up;
                            roll over from front to back; able to swim 5 feet on their 
                            own. Skills taught: Correct kicking, beginer stroke
                            technique free and back, back floating, treading water
                            and water safety. A structured class with organized play.

Level 3              Stroke Development for ages 7+. Child is able to
                           swim front/back for 15 feet; swim on side w/support
                           for 5', swim under water, head first entry from sitting
                           and kneeling positions, rotary breathing, back float
                           and tread water. Skills/technique learned in Level 2 are
                           improved in this structured class.

Level 4              Stroke Refinement for ages 7+. Child can dive from
                           kneeling/sitting position; back/front float and tread
                           water for 30 seconds; can swim basic freestyle for 25
                           yards. Push off in a streamlined position then begin
                           flutter and dolphin kicks on front. Skills taught: Proper
                           race techniques for freestyle backstroke, and breast-
                           stroke. Water safety, side stroke, flip turns and diving
                           instruction with skill building and endurance building

*After completion of level 4 skills we offer an introduction to the Saco Valley
Swim Team (SVST) with the Swim Team School program. Take a look under
our Swim Team page

In our Learn to Swim classes we endeavor too:

-Create positive experiences in the water.

-Instill student confidence in their swimming skills so they are more willing to try new things.

-Lay the skill foundation to swim all four competitive strokes and both rescue strokes efficiently
 and appropriately.

-Promote swimming as a lifelong activity.

-Improve the quality of life of the children that are in our Learn to Swim classes. We teach
 swimming through positive engagement in specific skills drills and creative water play.